Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Men's Health Week: 13-19 June 2011

I'm all in favour of "Men's Health Week"...


In the psychosexual field, I am always working with men who want or need to talk about their bodies. Commonly, it's getting past the initial hurdles of embarrassment and shame that prove difficult. After that, most guys find a sense of relief and support in being able to open up and talk.

I admit, because of the work I do, I tend to be quite pushy with men I meet, young and old. If they're young, I will usually find an opportunity to talk about examining one's testicles. If they're not-so-young, I will ask about their prostate and encourage them to visit their GP for a "well man" check.

So, my good wishes to Men's Health Week. And let the "meat and two veg" jokes begin. (One way around the embarrassment is humour.....)


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