Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Something in the air......

I was interested to read, after my cynical musings last time, that I'm not the only one to be asking who is making money from the DSM-5. Crazy thought it may sound, it seems that a large proportion of the DSM team have ties with drug companies. As they say - go figure.

I'm rather happy to see that there is a growing number of individuals, groups, and organizations who are rallying to show their opposition to DSM-x, on ethical, moral and political grounds. They range from the satirical: Here, on a page called DSMSucks! there is even a link to a "new psychiatric disease generator" which is funny and has a point ...

... to the serious call-to-arms of an 'occupy' movement who are planning a protest at the APA meeting in May. It has obvious echoes to a similar protest in September, 1969.

One of the root traditions of Transactional Analysis is that of Radical Psychiatry - a movement which sought a move away from diagnostic labelling, with all its interpersonal, societal and political implications, and back to the practice of 'soul healing'. This wasn't a 60's love-in... it was a move against the rise of Big Psych, one of Big Pharma's older cousins.

These days, the arguments are familiar and just as relevant. People are being labelled, and they shouldn't be. People are making money and gaining power over others because of this. The process is mystified so the power dynamics are camouflaged. People are alienated - from themselves, each other, the medical establishment, and from any feeling of what's normal and human.

"Call out the instigators, because there's something in the air
We've got to get together, sooner or later, because the revolution's near
.... and you know it's right"
(Thunderclap Newman)