Sunday, 19 June 2011

Goodbye to Brian Haw

A brief pause to pay tribute to Brian Haw, veteran anti-war protester who famously camped out in Parliament Square and conducted a 24/7 protest for almost a decade.

Why devote a post to Mr Haw, on a blog about 'therapy thinking'?

In the words of Radical Psychiatry, oppression of people and the mystification of it results in alienation.

Brian Haw's UK was a country where people were alienated from their government. A country alienated from other countries. Why? Because of the decisions to go to war, and oppress nations abroad; decisions shrouded in mystification that generations to come won't understand.

I reckon history will judge Brian Haw to be a hero of peace and free speech. I also consider him a wonderful example of "Speaking Truth To Power".


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