Monday, 20 February 2012

DSM 5 - Some thoughts.....

I see that a major journal of the medical establishment has spoken out about the American Psychiatric Association's new revision of the "Bible" - the DSM.
An article in the Lancet questions the rationale for removing the 'exclusion' of bereavement.

This exclusion, at present, draws a distinction between those who are suffering grief from an understandable recent loss, and those who are clinically depressed. In my view, this is an important boundary to maintain, for two reasons:

1. People who are suffering from a normal grief reaction aren't normally helped by being told they have some kind of disorder

2. Medics need to be reminded sometimes that there is a difference between a normal emotional reaction and a 'disorder'. See my comments on this in the palliative care field

There was some reaction from the President of the APA, Dr John Oldham. I'll offer some thoughts on his statements later.


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