Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Wisdom of Age

A recent loss within the family has got me thinking about the Circle of Life (hat-tip to Disney) and the Ages of Man (hat-tip to Will Shakespeare).
In my thinking I've been zooming out a bit, and looking more at the long view of life and the numerous stages it contains. In this recent week, a new era has made itself known, where I see mortality creeping up on those around me (and therefore on me too!)

A hotel owner I once met in Austria (in my 20's) was trying to explain to me why he wanted to retire with his wife. It was a lovely turn of phrase - one that wouldn't have been chosen by a native English speaker - but that made it all the more potent:-

"By and by .... you will come to know .... The Age"

This spoke to me of the wisdom that comes with experience. He was assuring me that I would learn what I needed to learn, in time, and that in that sense, my ageing would be like his. As the years go by I appreciate that more and more, and still know that I have far to go, of course.

I hope that 'The Age' will bring wisdom in my life, and in my work.


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