Monday, 18 July 2011

All Human Life is Here.....

Having a quick peek through the news pages today, wondering if anything would grab me enough to make a comment on my blog..... and.....

what strikes me today is the sheer diversity of stuff, maybe so much that I feel a bit wordless!

Newspapers, police, politicians.... heads rolling, scalps being claimed, the guilt-by-association that bleeds ever further, and yet a residual feeling of "it" not quite being resolved yet in our consciousness

The Space Shuttle program ends - and despite it being a huge white elephant, I have a very sad feeling, partly nostalgic and partly about the loss of hope and aspiration. What now will bring us a sense of faith in human potential?

The headline that, in the UK town of Kidderminster, researchers have found that "Patience lasts around 2.5 minutes" before people start huffing and puffing in grumpiness. The 'meme generation' (as I heard it said on the radio this morning), can also be read as the "Me-Me" generation....!

The world needs some therapy-thinking!


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